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Chapter of Distinction


Chi Alpha Epsilon has a new initiative to recognize chapters that excel in all of the five areas: Excellence, Scholarship, Leadership, Ingenuity, and Service. Chapters will be given the designation of Chapter of Distinction.



Chi Alpha Epsilon upholds a continuous pursuit of excellence. Through the quest for excellence, members pledge to uphold high standards for both academic and professional achievement.

Scholarship is characterized by a commitment to learning. A student is willing to spend the necessary time to cultivate his/ her mind in the quest for knowledge. This pillar can only be achieved through diligence and effort. Scholarship means always doing the best work possible, regardless of impending reward. 


Leaders take the initiative to aid others in a wholesome manner throughout their daily activities. Leaders sacrifice their personal interests in order to yield to the needs of others. Leaders need wisdom and self-confidence to affect change in all aspects of their lives. Some examples of leadership can include, but are not limited to, leading group activities in the classroom and in the community, being an officer in a club, being a primary member of the band or choir, or being the captain of a sports team. 


Chi Alpha Epsilon realizes that the ability to think creatively will affect the future of our professions. Our innovation will lead to better decisions and outcomes.


The pillar of service can be reached in a variety of ways. The willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without compensation or recognition of any kind is a quality that is essential in members. 

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