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Suggested Timeline For Induction Ceremony Planning


 Please note that this is a recommended timeline. Each chapter may devise and implement a process that

best suits their academic calendar.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

10 or More Weeks Prior

Review membership criteria and determine the nomination procedure. Decide on the procedures for review of applications or nominations. 


8 Weeks Prior

Prepare and send letters for nomination and application. Engage current members in the process. Invite honorary members, if any. 

6 Weeks Prior

Nomination deadline: membership committee reviews nominees / applicants and selects potential members. 

For your convenience, please find a list of the required information below.



Date of the ceremony

A completed New Inductee Materials Order form

GPA Verification Form

List of inductees via the Induction Ceremony Participant Log

A copy of inductees transcripts 

Send letters of invitation to potential members and an invitation to attend the induction ceremony. If applicable, please include a form to collect dues and initiation fee with the invitation to join. 

5 Weeks Prior

Make sure the National Office has your Inductee Packages order. Please note, orders received via email will not be processed. Orders are only accepted via the online forms. 

2 Weeks Prior

Conduct final review of plans for induction. 

The Induction

In preparation of the induction ceremony you may wish to consider the following factors:


Level of student engagement will determine the acceptable level of the institutional community supporting the event.


Size of the inductee class will determine the venue and the style of the reception for the event.


Timing most inductions take place in the middle or near the end of the academic year.

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Induction Ceremony Participant Log
(Once you complete the Induction Ceremony Participant Log, please upload it to the New Inductee Materials Order Form. Also, if you are ONLY requesting Pin upgrades use this form as well)
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